Manage Majordomo Lists & Subscribers

ListMinder is designed to ease the management of majordomo mailing lists. Features include:

  • Manage List Users Permissions
  • Add/Remove Subscribers
  • View List Subscribers
  • Monitor Transactions
  • Update List Configurations
  • Automate with WolfTech Identity groups
  • Change Master Password
Helping 379 list managers support 51,771 subscribers of 326 lists here at NC State.

Manage Lists

Register all of your lists with ListMinder and you can view, edit, and compare your lists' configurations; immediately see which lists a particular email address is subscribed to; track all membership changes; and even randomize and update your lists' master passwords (don't worry, we'll remember it!).

Manage Subscribers

View the membership of each of your lists; add or remove individuals or groups of users from one or multiple lists at a time; and even tie your majordomo lists to WolfTech Identity groups and we'll automatically update your lists as people are hired/terminated or students enroll in courses or your program.

Manage Permissions

Because we remember your lists' master passwords, you don't need to give it out. You determine the level of access you want to give out -- give your users access to edit list memberships without them needing to know the list password. Even give them control over their list's settings like allowable attachments, bounce rules, or who can post.