WolfTech Lookup

WolfTech Lookup

NC State employee LDAP information

What is Lookup?

WolfTech Lookup allows any NC State faculty or staff member to look up information on all NC State faculty and staff members.

It allows for quick and easy access to employee information that may otherwise take hours to obtain - including Unity ID, work phone number, work address, preferred department affiliation, and more.

How does it work?

You only need to provide WolfTech Lookup one of two things:

  • the employee's First and Last Name
  • the employee's Unity ID

Additionally, we provide a suggestion box as you type if you aren't fully confident on the correct name or Unity ID - as long as you get it started correctly, you can find it.

Can I use it?

Only NC State Faculty and Full-Time Staff (EHRA/SHRA) are permitted to use this application.

WolfTech Lookup is protected through NC State Shibboleth authentication.