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Departmental OU Creation

Creating your department's tree in the WolfTech AD requires the following information:

  • Full name of the department (aka 'Electrical and Computer Engineering')
  • Abbreviation of the department (aka 'ECE')
  • Name of your Systems Administrator (aka 'Dan Green')
  • UnityID of your Systems Administrator (aka 'djgreen')
  • OUC of your department (aka '140401')
  • Primary DNS name of your department (aka '')

First Computer Domained

Once your OU has been created, to get started on WOLFTECH use the following steps:

  1. Synchronize your password for your regular Unity account. Go to and change your password.
  2. Send me the name of the first computer you plan to add to the domain. We will pre-stage it for you. Then you can join it to the domain using the following procedure:
    1. Open the System Properties panel (ie right click My Computer and choose Properties).
    2. Click the Computer Name tab.
    3. Click the Change button
    4. Choose the Domain radio button and type "" (do not include the quotes) and click OK. You will be prompted for credentials. Enter your admin username and password. Use 'wolftech\unityID.admin' as the format of that username.
    5. Click OK, then Yes to reboot.
    6. When the reboot completes, you should be able to login using your admin account.

Setup your Administrative Console

Decide if you're going to use Windows XP or Windows Vista to manage your computers (note, Vista/RSAT required if you want to GP Preferences):

    • Windows XP: Setup the adminpak. Download and install from here. Also go ahead and get all of the R2 updates... here and here (Please note that you need to install of these tools on an XP machine -- for some reason, Microsoft hasn't released a Vista happy version of these.) When installing the R2 updates, install the winxp-mmc first.
    • Windows Vista: Setup the Remote Server Administrative Toolkit (RSAT): download link and setup instructions
  1. Change your admin account password. To do this, find your account using Active Directory Users and Computers. Right click it and choose Reset Password.