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About WolfTech

Welcome to the one-stop computing resource site for Electrical and Computer Engineering and all other NC State users of WolfTech computing or web resources. With this site, you only have to remember one address to find anything and everything about using your computer at NC State. We're continuing to add vast amounts of information to this website, and should you find anything missing, we encourage you to email us a request for more information.

Before getting started, be sure you have read through the NC State and ECE Information Technology Policies.


Bdot.gif  Internship Program
Want to learn more about a career in computer support? Want hands onexperience? Tired of shelving books at the library?

  Bdot.gif  Mission
The Wolftech Mission. What we do, and why we do it.

Bdot.gif  Office Locations
Want to drop by? Here's where we're located. We've got offices all over the place!

  Bdot.gif  Staff
So who exactly are the Wolftech Staff? Photographs and biographies can be found here.
  Bdot.gif  Where Are They Now?
Over the years, we've been lucky to employ a number of very talented people. Unfortunately, many of them have had to move on to new and exciting possibilities.