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Information on your [[Accounts:_UnityID | UnityID]].
==Temporary Accounts==
Your Unity ID has 8 or fewer characters and is automatically generated from your name in a two-step procedure:
Information on [[Accounts:_Temporary_Accts | Temporary Accounts]].
#A string of letters is created using the initials of your first and middle names and the first six letters of your last name, all in lower case.
==MySQL Accounts==
#If this string matches one previously created for someone else, the last letter will be replaced with or followed by a numeral. Here are some examples:
Information on [[Accounts:_MySQL | MySQL database accounts]].
#* George William Abernathy's would be "gwaberna."
#* Mary Jones Smith's Unity ID would be "mjsmith."
#* Melissa Jane Smith's would be "mjsmith2" because of the duplicated letters.
If you don't know your Unity ID, it may be frustrating or time-consuming to try guessing it, since it might contain a numeral. Contact the [http://help.ncsu.edu NC State Help Desk] during normal business hours if you need help determining it.
==NC State Policies==
Information on [[Policies:_NC_State | NC State Policies]].
==ECE Policies==
Information on [[Policies:_ECE  | ECE Policies]].
==MySQL Account==
==Offsite Access==

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Information on your UnityID.

Temporary Accounts

Information on Temporary Accounts.

MySQL Accounts

Information on MySQL database accounts.

NC State Policies

Information on NC State Policies.

ECE Policies

Information on ECE Policies.