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[[image:Area-policy.jpg|frame|WolfTech Accounts and Policies|left]]{{accounts_toc}}
Split into subpages, and combine in the Policy page links.
==MySQL Account==
Information on your [[Accounts:_UnityID | UnityID]].
==Temporary Accounts==
Databases are created for projects on an as-needed basis.  To request, send email to [mailto:ece-webmaster@ncsu.edu ece-webmaster@ncsu.edu]. You will need to include:
Information on [[Accounts:_Temporary_Accts | Temporary Accounts]].
==MySQL Accounts==
<li>Name of the project.</li>
Information on [[Accounts:_MySQL | MySQL database accounts]].
<li>Names and Unity IDs of project participants.</li>
<li>Names and Unity IDs of those who will have access to the database (if different from 3.)</li>
<li>How project relates to ECE.</li>
==NC State Policies==
All databases are assigned three username/password combinations with the following attributes:
Information on [[Policies:_NC_State | NC State Policies]].
==ECE Policies==
<database name>-rd : SELECT<br />
Information on [[Policies:_ECE | ECE Policies]].
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Use in code when page will be used only to retrieve information from database.<br />
<database name>-wrt : SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Use in code when page will be used to make changes to database.<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Use only for logging into PHPMyAdmin to set-up database structure.  NEVER USE IN CODE.
Administrative (-adm) accounts are deactivated upon completion of the project. Read (-rd) and write (-wrt) accounts may remain active as long as the completed project requires.

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Information on your UnityID.

Temporary Accounts

Information on Temporary Accounts.

MySQL Accounts

Information on MySQL database accounts.

NC State Policies

Information on NC State Policies.

ECE Policies

Information on ECE Policies.