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If you intend to enable remote access to a computing lab you can use this utility to create remote desktop protocol files for each lab computer.


To create the list of computers for the lab you specify the script performs an ADSI query of your .laptops and .desktops groups. It then generates an RDP file (using the computer name for the file name) for each member computer.

The files are generated beneath the current working directory of the script in a folder named 'RDP-<college prefix>-<department prefix>-<lab name>.

Note: The script assumes you are using the default WolfTech OU layout for your teaching, public, and research labs, including the .desktop and .laptop groups that contain your computer accounts.


Edit the script to customize the parameters of the generated remote desktop files. At a minimum, change the 'strDomain' variable in the 'WriteRDPFile' function to the TCP/IP domain used in your computing lab.


  /college:<college abbrev>
 [/department:<college dept>]
  /lab:"<lab name>"


generate_remote_desktop_lab.vbs /college:COE /department:ECE /lab:"EBII 1020"


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Generate Remote Desktop Lab VBScript