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(Create and troubleshoot Mapped drives using Group Preferences)
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Map a drive using Group Preferences
[http://activedirectory.ncsu.edu/ou-admins/tools/gmpc/group-policy-preferences/ Migrated]
Create a GPO
Under security filters add the user or group you want to apply policy to.
Note:since this preference is in the User settings you must use users account to apply the policy No computers
edit the GPO
Go under USER Configuraion>Prefernces>Drive Maps
right click and choose new
>mapped drive
location: map to dfs drive. ex \\wolftech.ad.ncsu.edu\cnr\projects\tip
Drive letter : pick a drive letter
Click to Show all drives
if you want the ability to delete the map drive ...go to common>apply once and do not reapply
Note: if you create this policy at the top of your ou the user will see their drives on any computer in the OU. If you want to prevent that create the policy at a lower level.
Also if you want to exclude one person out of a guard dog created group...Add the user name under the GPO delegation tab.Then after they show up in the list click on Advance and change the security setting for that user to deny. This will prevent the policy from applying.
Note: if you have laptops users complaining that they are loosing drives. First disable the Wireless adapters configuration tool under services. Then start the Windows Zero Configuation service. If you are still having issues update the wireless drivers. In my case it fixed 3 Intel 3945ABG laptops.

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