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Yeah, did you think installing the MMC for WSUS into your MMC toolkit would be easy? (Update: These instructions have been updated to work with RSAT on Vista as well)

Installing the Console

The following instructions will install the WSUS Administrative and Reporting console for both WSUS Administrators and all OU Administrators wishing to view the status of their computer patches.

  1. Download this:
  2. Install, choose "Admin Console only" when it runs.
  3. Go get coffee.
  4. Once installed, open your MMC toolkit, choose to add a new snap-in -- you should see "Update Services" listed.
  5. Point at "". Select to connect with SSL enabled.
  6. You're done.

You'll need the Microsoft Report Viewer to see all of the WSUS reports -- if you don't have it installed:

  1. Close your MMC -- can't be open when you install this.
  2. Download the viewer:
  3. Install it.
  4. Start your MMC back up and try viewing a report.


OU Admins -- please note that you do not want to run any of the reports in the "Reports" section of this tool. These reports look at ALL computers (not just yours) and won't provide the information you're looking for.

Your best option is to open the Computers section, find your computer groups and use these to track the status of your patches.

You've only been granted "read" access to this tool, so you'll not be able to make any changes/adjustments -- just view statuses.