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Day 1

Chapter 2 - Storage Structure (pg 29-30)

C:\My Storage Structure\AppName_AppVer_OS_LANG


  • contains copy of original installation program


  • documentation of project: request, process, notes, etc


  • contains files captured by Repackager


  • contains files edited/created by Installshield Editor


  • Map C:\My Storage Structure\ and C:\Program Files\Macromedia\AdminStudio\8.5\ on virtual machine

  • Add C:\Program Files\Macromedia\AdminStudio\8.5\Common to PATH of virtual machine (for repackager to work)

  • C:\AdminStudio Shared\isrepackager.ini -> Default exlusions

Chapter 4 - Repackager (pg 58)

Best Practices

  • Run repackager over the network (from a share), not locally
  • Repackage on a clean image
  • Exit all applications before repackaging
  • Best to use Installation monitoring process