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===Google users===
===Google users===
Coming Soon.

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As we seem to have a number of folks purchasing personal iPads and hoping to use them here at NC State, here's a brief overview of how to configure them.

Wireless Network

You don't want to have to enter your username and password everytime you want to use the iPad on the wireless network. So be sure to register it with the NOMAD system.

From your wireless device, head to http://nomad.ncsu.edu, login, and register your laptop/pda. You'll see "Add Device" on the left-hand navigation.

NOTE: You must do this FROM the laptop and you MUST be on NCSU wireless when you try to do this. There is a limit of 5 devices per person. Renewal of your registered devices is required each semester.


Go here: http://comtech.ncsu.edu/networking/NCSUVPN.mobileconfig Follow the instructions. When asked for a login name and paswd use your NCSU UnityID and password.

This will configure your iPad to use the NCSU VPN system. May be needed to access your email when offsite.


Cyrus and Groupwise email users alike will connect via an IMAP connection on the iPad. Note: If you're using Groupwise, an email deleted on your iPad will remain on your Groupwise account -- but it will be crossed off. Just delete these emails when you see them in Groupwise.

1/20/11 Update: If you want to sync your calendar as well, skip this section and read the next.
2/4/11 Update: If you have an iPad WiFi (no 3G), use this to setup your email. Then use the ActiveSync steps to get your calendar information.

Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Add Account...> Other> Add Mail Account>

Name: Name you want others to see on your email.
Address: your NCSU email address
Password: your NCSU email password
Description: "NCSU Email"

Hit "Next"

Make sure "IMAP" is selected at the top of the next page.

Incoming Mail Server>
Hostname: unityid.mail.ncsu.edu
Username: unityid
Password: (your password)

Outgoing Mail Server>
Hostname: smtp.ncsu.edu
Username: unityid
Password: (your password)


Groupwise users

To synchronize your GroupWise mailbox with your mobile device, you must first request an Active Sync mobile service account -- do so here: http://oit.ncsu.edu/wolfwise/active-sync-mobile-service-request-form

Please note that if you're using this on an iPad 3G, you can't use the IMAP described above (this will also sync your email). Delete your NCSU IMAP account on the iPad 3G (leave it for iPad WiFi) before following these instructions.

  1. In Settings, tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  2. Tap Add Account, then tap "Microsoft Exchange".
  3. Enter your campus email address, typically Firstname_Lastname@ncsu.edu
  4. Enter your UNITYID in the "Username" field
  5. Enter your Password
  6. Enter a Description (It can be whatever you like, perhaps "WolfWise")
  7. Press "Next"
  8. Enter the server information from your confirmation email
  9. Press "Next"
  10. Press "Accept" to verify the certificate
  11. Confirm "Mail, Contacts and Calendars" are "On"
    • IF you have an iPad WiFi, leave put Mail to Off
  12. Press "Save"

Google users



Don't forget to require a password to get onto your iPad. You'll be using this for lots of business -- if only email/calendar -- and it needs a password just like your laptop.

Goto Settings > General > Passcode Lock First be sure to turn off "Simple Passcode" -- you want a real password, not 4 digits. Now "Turn Passcode On" -- you'll be asked to enter your paswd. While tempting, don't use your UnityID password.

Consider setting the "Erase Data" option. If you do, 10 failures in a row will cause the iPad to erase all data on it. Also install and setup the "Find my iPad" app -- this will allow you to locate your device if stolen and to remotely trigger a wipe.

Recommended Apps

Be sure to get the free version "Wyse PocketCloud RDP" -- this application will let you remote desktop to your Windows desktop in your office.
popular way to get your news; perhaps your favorite ECE and NCSU rss feeds?
another popular news reader.
Angry Birds
Don't forget to install the free version of Angry Birds.