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As we seem to have a number of folks purchasing personal iPads and hoping to use them here at NC State, here's a brief overview of how to configure them.

Wireless Network

You don't want to have to enter your username and password everytime you want to use the iPad on the wireless network. So be sure to register it with the NOMAD system.

From your wireless device, head to, login, and register your laptop/pda. You'll see "Add Device" on the left-hand navigation.

NOTE: You must do this FROM the laptop and you MUST be on NCSU wireless when you try to do this. There is a limit of 5 devices per person. Renewal of your registered devices is required each semester.


Go here: Follow the instructions. When asked for a login name and paswd use your NCSU UnityID and password.

This will configure your iPad to use the NCSU VPN system. May be needed to access your email when offsite.


Cyrus and Groupwise email users alike will connect via an IMAP connection on the iPad. Note: If you're using Groupwise, an email deleted on your iPad will remain on your Groupwise account -- but it will be crossed off. Just delete these emails when you see them in Groupwise.

Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Add Account...> Other> Add Mail Account>

Name: Name you want others to see on your email.
Address: your NCSU email address
Password: your NCSU email password
Description: "NCSU Email"

Hit "Next"

Make sure "IMAP" is selected at the top of the next page.

Incoming Mail Server>
Username: unityid
Password: (your password)

Outgoing Mail Server>
Username: unityid
Password: (your password)


Sorry, until NC State moves all employees to Google Apps, you cannot connect to an NCSU calendar. [GroupWise 8 upgrade mid Jan may change this... stay tuned]