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This email is being sent to inform you that a Brickyard Calendar account has been created for you. This account will allow you to access the online calendar system at NC State University. Your username for this account is the same as your unityID, and the default password is cstimeit.

The Brickyard Calendar provides you with an individual calendar that you can use to keep track of meetings and daily tasks, set re-occurring events to notify you of future tasks, and set reminders to help you manage your time and schedule. You can also add other calendar users to meetings and events and update their schedule in real-time, allowing you to coordinate and communicate with other faculty, staff, and even students.

For more information and news on the Brickyard Calendar project, please visit

To access your calendar, you may use the web interface at, or a client program installed on your machine. If you need the client program installed to your machine, please email with your request and the name of your machine. For personal machines, you can download client installers from

To login, you must be logging in to Node "ENGR". As mentioned above, your username is the same as your unityID, and the default password is cstimeit. It is important that you change this password as soon as you can.

For assistance using Oracle Calendar, you can view our Calendar 101 page at, or view the training resources at

If you have any questions about your account or need assistance logging in, changing your password, or using the program/web interface, please email