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Last Few Things

  • Monteith information Commented out for the time being
  • Graduate Degrees information (currently only have CSC information in there)
  • Graduate section - need images (+borders)
  • Research - Facilities, Funded Projects, Research Areas need latin replaced
  • something's screwy on ie6 alumni announcements - think it might be an issue with MultipleIE - would need real IE6 to test it
  • need to see if MyECE has everything it needs before release
  • need to redo some web forms in new templates - good for workstudies?
  • Corporate Advisory Board file area htpass needs to be updated when moved to ece
  • Naming Rights latin Commented Out for the time being
  • Outreach section Commented Out for the time being
  • ECE-GSA logo
  • site map
  • graduate content still reflects csc
  • plans of work

Things to fix that the Fac/Staff found

  • Need to update the top right photos so they change...
  • "I'm sorry, Dan, but I have to ask. Why does your name come up under "Associated Area Faculty" for Security and Reliable/Fault-Tolerant Computing? (" Doh! Those lists are supposed to be filtering out Staff -- the old ones do! Doh... they don't either! updated on both
  • On the Research Centers page (, I hate the squeezed logo used on the CESR picture. (I know it was there in the old version, and I hated it then, too.) If you need something that's square, please just use the backwards 'C' with the dot, and leave off the letters. updated, still think the images as a whole need to be updated, but that can be a post-release thing
  • I find it a bit disorienting when the lefthand menu changes. For example, I'm on the research page (, and I'm interested in browsing through funded projects, undergraduate research, journals, etc. When I click on Undergraduate Research, I'm sent to the right page (, but it's in the "Undergraduate Studies" category, which means that the lefthand navigation menu is completely different. Sure, I understand that I can use the back button to get back, but it interrupts my flow through the "ECE Research" topic. I'm not sure what can be done, other than duplicating the page under both categories, and I'm not even sure that's the right thing. we had it showing up in both places before and you didn't like it that way
    • I have the same problem with the Course Listing under the U/Grad sites... but that we should be able to fix easily. I'd like the courses "site" moved INTO the U/Grad sites.
  • Might I suggest a Letter tab at the top of the faculty directory? i.e. Last names begin with “A B C …” or “A-C, D-F…” Just my 2 cents… Sincerely, A representative from a “Y” who would like to be able to click instead of scroll to the bottom… not a bad idea, plus i like Ginger - should we go with in-page anchors or some dynamic JS like the search?
  • Remove AEMP Dir Title from Osburn. Add Dir, TNLC to Mehmet. Also make Mehmet the Faculty lead for NNF.
  • Update to list me instead of Bob.
  • Update the "assoc fac" query on the research pages to include "Research Faculty". pages also updated to include dynamic elements
  • -- last line. Change "Distance Education" to "Engineering Online"; change link to point to the main page at
  • -- near bottom; change "HelpDesk" to "IT HelpDesk"
  • Directory changes...

Things to do b/f Release

I want the new site NOW, so let's start crossing these (literally please) of the list...

  • Highlight the "latin text" sections...
  • Update the "Text Only" link in the footer to point at then have that bounce people to the transcoder... need a link that people will be able to remember. ece/text/ perhaps?
  • Make the Search bar work. currently uses the ECE look vs the ECE2 look, but that can be fixed after release <= it seems to be using the ECE2 template.. did you mean the ECE index? sorry, forgot to update the list on this, works now (it is still only searching ece since ece2 is behind wrap)
  • Fix the title photo for Search
  • Update the RSS icon so it more closely matches the Cal/Photo icons --
  • The fonts in the footer change from the frontpage to the rest... fix.
  • Point "Support" in the footer to
  • Remove "Disclaimer" in the footer -- if we need to have something later, we'll create it then.
  • Put the correct links in the NCSU Header links -- use the ones for the current website.
  • Need to figure out where to link in Graduation... I was going to do an overlay on the main page of the main image That's fine for the "get their attention" times, but we need a permanent link somewhere. either the community or the news&event nav bar, probably I put it on undergraduate This touches the same issue one of the faculty had with undergraduate research redirecting to a whole different page (changing navbar and banner image, etc.)
  • Validate Courses page
  • Not sure about this, but lets take a look at putting a little more space btn the NCSU bar and the rest of the site... Let's see how it looks. If not great, we might try making it a black background at the top... not thrilled with how it looks
  • need more descriptive page titles (hrm, did I write this? What on earth was I referring to?) i did, i meant the <title> information (ex: look at the news pages now) Might want to rethink the - Newsroom - Dept of...." part... the long titles cut most of that off... perhaps just - ECE Newsroom ? fixed on News and People, need to add more descriptive names on other areas should be good most places now

About Us

890 Oval Drive
Engineering Building 2, Room 3114
Campus Box 7911
Raleigh, NC 27695

(“Campus Box 7911” needs to be on the line directly above the line w/ the zip code for the post office) Richard says that Marj says "No" as well as a shaking of the fist.

News & Events

  • Make decisions re: RSS/iCAL feeds and set them up.
  • Redo the section title image and fix the too early fade on the right. Fade should start with the 'g' in Engineering.
  • Update the headlines to id those that are features on the frontpage.
  • Fix the Article links so stuff link "View Original Article" or even the entire "Engineering News Links" on don't show up.
  • Make "Send to Friend" functional.
  • Clean up Search news... actually... do we even need this?
  • Remove "CACC" as News sublink.
  • Click on "ECE Undergraduate" sublink... note the first black bar. Can we fix this on the subpages?
  • What's causing the mess up on the 2002 archive page?
  • Fix the hor bar under the articles on the main Newsroom page
  • Turn Archived ECE News into a pulldown.
  • Need to figure out how we're going to integrate "Newsroom", News&Events, and Calendar... doesn't make sense currently.
  • Need to resolve issue with months greater than the current year which causes the archive sub-menu on the navbar to open up. Should this be classified under 'current' so that current option on the navbar remains highlighted, or should a 'future' option be added?
  • Images that can expand need to have an indicator on the bottom right of the photo... a plus sign or a magnifying glass.
  • CSS issues are still cropping up :( still would prefer calendar be at top in html
  • Need an ICAL page similar to the RSS Feed page
  • Need a better title image. i like the current one, personally
  • NAV
    • Headlines
      • Current (should list all 2008 headlines -- past and upcoming)
      • Archives (as you have it now)
      • RSS Feed
    • Calendar
      • Current (should list all 2008 events -- past and upcoming)
      • Archives (as Headlines does it)
      • iCal Feed #WEB DAN TODO# - make a page for it page done, we will need to fix the png icons for IE6
    • Publications (??? not sure this will remain here or in About Us)... well, these are PR materials... thus News...
      • -- put annual report in same box layout as others.
      • Annual Report need a page listing annual reports Need to rename this. All of the PR materials, brochures need to be listed here: Dept Brochure, Grad Brochure, Grad Poster, InfoSheet, Annual Report, etc.
      • Theses and Dissertations (move here) update to use new feed from Library... there might be a bit more info to put on the main page, like CPE or EE.
      • Scholarly Publications (will be the Libraries SPR info)
      • Technical Reports (empty for the moment) fix so they point at blank pages for now. need info
      • Research Posters (empty for the moment) fix so they point at blank pages for now. need info
      • College Newsletters
      • Archival Publications (use current info in "archival" section + the "departmental newsletters" section) Remove the "Archival Pubs" section inside... they're all that... needs a better name, might want to break up that section too. Perhaps "College Pubs" and "Dept Pubs" sections/breakdown?
    • Media Information
    • [need a button at the bottom -- think the "give now" button -- that has "Subscribe for Email Updates" that links to the TownCrier Subscriptions page] added the lightbuld


  • Change "All Faculty" to "Primary Faculty"
  • Redo the section title image and fix the too early fade on the right. Fade should start with the 'g' in Engineering.
  • Nav
    • hide Grad Fellows/Grad Assistants for now.
    • make admin/research/tech staff work. NEED THE PROPER GROUPS IN THE DB TO DO THIS, DONT KNOW WHO IS WHAT On your chair. Be sure to first update the ece dir code so the group changes won't muck up the live site.
    • remove All Staff We need to rename All Faculty to something different
    • point Advisory Board to correct link Needs inset pic, or would you prefer it just points to corporate? (point)
    • point Fac Awards and Honors to correct link Don't worry about approval? (correct, not public, so no big deal)
    • Remove the current "Edit Profile", replace with image, think the "Give now" image in Alumni, but smaller, and centered.
  • Add in an AJAX search option so as you type in a name, the people appear.
  • Add another field to the "title" DB so we can mark the non-center/non-administrative "Director" titles, then don't display these on the new Directory.
  • Profiles
    • remove the red bars next to each section.
    • remove "similar faculty
    • why no titles for research fac on profile?
    • If you don't have any profile information, don't link to the subpage. Scratch that -- we decided to put up a "no further information is available for this person" text instead...
  • link the "edit my profile" button to Dossier.


  • Redo the section title image and fix the too early fade on the right. Fade should start with the 'g' in Engineering.
  • change the nav "ECE at NC State" to "Why NC State?"
  • On the EE and CPE pages, we need links to the current 'pre06' pages. Which should also be nicely formatted. #WEB DAN TODO# just linked them to the registrar curri page Not acceptable -- must create special pages for this. Registrar doesn't have the correct info. Special case.
  • Add in a "Links" section that uses the "Financial Aid" and "NC State Admissions" links.
  • New page under prospective students -- "Transfer Information" within should be the links found on the current Ugrad Advising page
  • Home
    • Replace widgets w/ plain Ugrad photos. Perhaps we'll bring it back later. kept the stats widget
  • How to Apply
    • Needs #s next to each section.
  • Summer Workshop... need a link to this ffrom the Outreach page... Should probably just move to Outreach altogether, agree? Go for it. It can be one of our first subpages for the Outreach section.
  • Ugrad Research stays here. Change the Research version to a link to it.
    • Fix the layout of this page -- the headers/content/images need to be moved around a bit to fit together better.
    • though the page URL needs to change to /undergraduate/research
  • Move Course Listing and Senior Design to General Info
  • Rename Ugrad Curric to 'Ugrad Degrees'
  • Rename Accelerated Degree to Accelerated Masters
  • Move Adivising FAQ to General Info and rename to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Clean up Double Major -- make similar to the EE/CPE 'pretty' layout. #WEB DAN TODO#
  • Move "ABET Accred" under "Home"
  • need to tone Why ECE down, plus space it out... bit overbearing at the moment I toned it down, #WEB DAN TODO# - pictures
  • Why is the top of Course Listing missing or messed up?
  • -- each section should have a cooresponding image on the right. Doesn't have to be a photo... clip art will probably be more appropriate. #WEB DAN TODO# Convert to this format -- Not sure I follow what you are wanting as far as how that style would apply. Use the line/circle look. Do we still want 'clip art' in circles for this, or is the current set up good?
  • Senior Design... nav shouldn't link to their site... but to a page that gives an overview, has a photo of Bart (w/title, contact info, think Tara's Corporate contact page, but just a corner of this page), and a content widget of the current sponsors (widget of this content On that page should be the direct link to their site. Should have a couple glossy photos of students in Troxler and at SD Day. #WEB DAN TODO# Might need some of its own content thats not found on the current senior design page
  • -- see the reference to Joel? Update to Leda.
  • Believe we need a link to the 2+2 Program in the Degree section, above the Accelerated Masters link. Details:


(this is just a first run through... needs much more work than this, but have to start somewhere) Thought we were waiting on the grad office on this. We currently have a copy of CSC's on ours - should we go with that our use the current ECE graduate material? Fix the bits I've mentioned, then I'll take another run. Yes, the Grad Office will be helping, but I want to give them structure first.

  • Navigation (we'll keep this similar to the Ugrad pages)
    • General Information
      • Home, Course Listing, GRE/TOEFL Requirements, Financial Aid Opportunities (remove Cost/), Admissions Procedure, Admissions Deadlines, Admissions Status, Contact Us.
      • Replace the text on F/A opps with the text here:
      • Remove Information for International Students link -- the contents of that page -- InfoExchange, need to be moved to the Ugrad/Grad intranet
    • Graduate Degrees
      • Each of the Masters as you have it now (Master of or Masters of?) did M.S. to prevent wrapping to new line
      • Split PHD into PhD in Electrical Engineering and PhD in Computer Engineering split on the nav, but they both go to the same spot These need to be seperate pages -- please fix.
      • Distance Education Options
    • Additional Information
      • University Graduate School
      • Graduate Student Association
    • Remove the Current Student section.

  • Photo needed on
    • Home
  • Redo the section title image and fix the too early fade on the right. Fade should start with the 'g' in Engineering.
  • Nav
    • Needs "Course Listing" just like Ugrad has.
    • Move Home above the first section... want to see how this looks.
    • Remove Faculty Research
    • Move content of "Our Vision" to Home, then delete page.
    • Rename "Degrees" section to "Graduate Degrees" and move to be 1st section on Nav.
    • Remove "People" page, "Graduate Research History" page, FAQs page
    • Move link "University Graduate School to bottom of "Prospective Students" section, then remove "General Info" section.
    • Move the "PHD" to the bottom of the Degrees. Throw in a reference to the Masters of Networking.
  • Create me mirroring (right side) version of that "highlighted text/excerpt" seen on the Ugrad homepage.


  • I need some Google Charts. These should be listed in the "Research Stats" subsection of the Research home page. Preferably, when you click on them, you'd get larger versions which could be used by faculty in presentations. I want one of these charts to be chosen and placed at the bottom left of the fluff text on the Funded Projects page; reduce the latin text by whatever amount this chart will take up.
    • Sizes of grants: barchart that breaks down our grants by 0-49,999;50,000-99,999;100,000-249,999;250,000-499,999;500,000-999,999;1,000,000+
    • Total $ by Agency Type: use UNIT_Code
      1. Grants by Agency Type: use UNIT_Code
    • Breakdown of Federal Funding by Agency: # and $
    • Anything else you think might be interesting. Adblock on firefox seems to be blocking some of the charts
  • Put a paragraph of latin text on the home page -- need to fill it out more.
  • Redo the section title image and fix the too early fade on the right. Fade should start with the 'g' in Engineering.
  • Why is the page messed up suddenly?
  • Replace latin in Center Descriptions.
  • Replace photo of Ghovanloo in top right.
  • Facilities needs to show the RESEARCH facilities... cleanroom and anything else we can think of. Sections on:
    • Make this page look like -- throw in some latin text at the top.
    • Cleanroom (mention the building was funded by ERC) ERC mention is better suited to the MRC page
    • HPC
    • VCL
    • RENCI Visualization
    • Triangle National Lithography Center
    • Telepresence
    • ...
  • Replace Latin in Funded Projects description
  • SubAreas
    • fix the title of the "Associated Faculty" subbox. Think I'd rather keep it on the right like you do on the Research Focus Areas pages. not sure where you mean on this -- see how Assoc Faculty is layed out on this microarea? Now look at the macroarea. Prefer the former. fixed, but had to move the Sample Plans of Work to one of the bigger boxes to make it work
    • replace the Latin text
    • Assoc Courses links need to point to ece/courses/ not CourseMax Coursemax seems to be missing some classes put in default "not currently offered" case
  • Centers
  • Labs
    • change "Director:" to "Lead Faculty:"
    • need to reorg a bit better, two columns?


  • Fix the text on the main page -- replace the needed text w/ Latin so its obvious.
  • Redo the section title image and fix the too early fade on the right. Fade should start with the 'g' in Engineering. it's the same fade as every other section title :(
  • Corporate missing from left nav. it was on the main link bar so we didn't need it here
  • Replace Latin text.
  • Rename "Resources" to "NC State Resources"
  • Sections aren't organized alphabetically, should be: Alum,Corp, Entr, Out, Photo, Studs
  • No idea why we have "Ethics" here... need to find more appropriate location. About Us or Undergraduate would be the most appropriate places, probably - other options are to make it an internal site page or to boot it altogether moved under Undergraduate
  • PhotoGall on the Community index page -- link it in.
  • fix the link on the image.


  • needs page or two.
  • email sent to Barlage seeking information
  • anything that we might nick from the new Engr Outreadch site? Not really Open House, Nano Days, Rudy's Summer Workshop... um, what else? Science House, Escuti's AventWest Middle School Outreach Program #WEB DAN TODO#waiting for information from Dr. Barlage Have we emailed Leda and Escuti? i know you've verbally told leda, dunno about escuti
  • Update the Nav to the following: Home, K-12, Summer Workshops, Open House, Design Day, Departmental Tours, Outreach at NC State
    • Add an REU section to the Summer Workshops (if we need to, take some of the general info here:
    • K-12 is the AWMS page, we'll hopefully add another section here later. Actually... lets put the Science House section here... And Nano Days.
    • Science House needs to have in internal page that explains what it is and our involvement (Leda), then has a prominent link to their site (aka like the SD page on Ugrad). need info on Leda's involvement, everything else done
    • OpenHouse -- this will be the new home of the content here: -- so move it all in. Will need references to the older ones. Once we go live, we'll put a redirect on the ece/openhouse url to point here.


  • move the content of the "Alumni Benefits" page to the bottom of this Home. Make into last section.
  • Make "Supporting ECE" its own nav section
    • Make Tax Benefits look like Planned Giving/Endowment pages (layout)
  • Links of Interest
    • First, rename
    • rename "College of Engr" to Engr Alumni, and point to that rather than main Engr site.
    • remove Frontline and NCSU links
  • Alumni-only Tools
    • rename to Alumni Benefits
    • looks like you have the "internal" tools working... need to clean them up though... everything works and validates and looks good now #WEB DAN TODO## - check CSS in the IEs (come see me for a login)
  • Student Orgs -- replace Latin text.
  • Remove the "you may also be intersted" OR move to the top paragraph.
  • -- need a "read the full interview" link to make it obvious there's more to these...
  • Replace the "News" section on the top right with a photo of students graduating, perferably two or three smiling, standing together.
  • Overview and SyMatt pages need some photos to flush it out.


  • Move the "Make a gift now" icon from Corporate to Alumni.
  • Associates Program
    • Remove "Current Partners" and move all of the icons under the intro text of the Assoc Prgm page.
  • Go through our recent news and make sure there's not more "Associates in Action" fodder -- the Progress Energy 1.25Million donation for example.
    • paginate this page into multiples.
    • remove the last article that gives the names of the advisory board.
  • Replace Latin in Advisory Board.
  • Check the table listing the board -- looks funky in IE7.
  • Naming Rights page needs a couple photos of the building. added pictures - the old content is horrible and needs to be replaced
  • Photo needs on
    • Sponsorship Options still needs pictures for newsletter and grad pamphlet
    • Involvement Opportunities
  • New nav division -- "Corporate Involvement" -- under this goes Recruitment&Emp, Involement Ops, Sponsorship Options, Naming, Gifting, Endowments, ECE Senior Des.
  • Exisitng nav -- move Advisory Board up one, and have Contact Info follow it.
  • Remove Faculty Research and Gifting Options (the latter is not corporate, but individuals and thus should remain on the Alumni side where it was originally).
  • Our footer "Donation" link ( points to a page that seems to have fallen out of our Corporate sections nav. Need to add it back in whereever appropriate. ah... page might have been moved to Alumni? Well, we need to sort this out regardless.
  • The last link on the nav is broken/missing.

Comment Key

  • Dan
  • Richard
  • Dan the Great

Options that can be done after Release

Things we can add to the site after we go live.


  • reset css, make valid
  • update the CSS to include a print version that only prints the "content" section of the page?

About Us

  • Add some Google Charts to Stats page?


  • Groups and Labs page needs some loving. Bad layout.
  • Labs
    • bigger logos? Might need us to redo since 50% are ones Margaret just made up...
    • Should have some descriptive text about the group... couple sentences...



  • Administration
    • Who do I contact for?
    • Links to current and past dept reviews.