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The staff of Learning Technologies Services (LTS) supports University faculty, corporate partners, and affiliates interested with instructional design, media distribution, technology development, and educational infrastructure support. They are also active in integrating technology into instruction and training as well as developing and delivering Internet-based distributed and distance learning programs.

The LTS Faculty Development Services provides faculty, staff, and graduate students with the services needed to provide effective teaching with technologies availiable. The Online Instructional Programs collaborate with faculty and staff in order to design and develop technology rich teaching solutions. Programs and services include instructional design and development services and project management services. LTS Technology Development provides learning technology infrastructure for NC State. This unit works closely with other groups in order to provide a technology rich infrastructure for teaching and learning.

Instructional House Calls

The Learning Technology Service can provide instructional house calls to NCSU Faculty. A Learning Technology Service staff member will come to your office or work area to help you train on your own equipment; or, we welcome you to come to our offices. How long you work and what you work on are determined by your schedule and your needs. We can assist both novice faculty users in putting course materials online and can help experienced users fine-tune their skills. To make an appointment for a House Call, contact the Learning Technology Service at 515-3075, or visit their website.

Summer Institute

The Teaching with Technology Summer Institute is a way for faculty to learn about instructional technology tools and techniques that can be used to support teaching and learning at NC State. Faculty members will learn about supported technologies and resources available to them on campus as well as specific technical skills that will facilitate the creation and publication of web-enhanced materials. Faculty members will have the opportunity to discern what tools and techniques work best in his or her context.

By the completion of the Summer Institute, participants will have the knowledge and skills needed to begin creating a web-enhanced or online course. In addition, participants will be aware of other emerging instructional technologies used to support instruction, and aware of the issues involved in utilizing technology to support teaching and learning.

For more detailed information, please visit the Summer Institute website.


The Instructional Technology Assistant Program is an opportunity for North Carolina State University students and staff members to learn how to create course Web sites for instructional faculty. Program graduates will be able to provide technical assistance to NC State University faculty and staff who are developing online learning environments. There is no charge to ITAP students or their departments for participation in the program, but class size is limited.

ITAP participants will select one of two tracks to best meet the needs of their final project . The LMS track will focus primarily on the effective use of WebCT Vista and its tools for the design and delivery of high quality instructional content. The HTML track will provide a more in-depth background into the use of Dreamweaver to develop HTML-based instructional resources.

For more detailed information, goals and requirements, please visit the ITAP website.

ITD Workshops

All ITD workshops are for free and available to faculty, staff, students and retirees of NC State University. Unless otherwise noted, all PC Computing Services workshops will be held at our training facility in the Avent Ferry Convention Center. PC workshops are held in the room 37. Mac workshop are held in the Laundry Lab. Questions about the workshops should be directed to

Subscribe to the Computing Services Email List (csworkshops) and be notified when our training schedule is open for registration, when classes are added to the schedule and when new classes are created.

Student Education

Computer Training Unit

The Computer Training Unit has provided leading edge training and certification, all backed by the resources of NC State University and a part of McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education since 1988. Their experienced instructors can train you for advancement in your present position, or help to prepare you for your next career. You can attend classes in person or choose from hundreds of courses taught online. With 100% financing available, getting the training you need is well within your grasp. Check out the new course schedule today!

SAS Online Instruction

Thanks to a generous grant from SAS, SAS Self Paced e-Learning (SPEL) courses valued at $3050 if purchased by individuals are now available free of charge to NC State faculty, students and staff. If you have a valid Unity ID, these on-line courses allow you to take SAS training at your own computer, at your own pace, whenever it's convenient.

With an Internet connection and a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can take courses such as Getting Started with SAS, SAS Certification, Base and Advanced Programming, Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner 5, An Introduction to Data Warehousing, and many more. Use of SAS software may be required for the successful completion of some courses. All NC State students, faculty and staff have 24/7 remote online access to SAS software installed on Virtual Computing Lab computers.