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  • Place labels for text controls adjacent and left of the form control
  • Place the labels for radio buttons and check box to the right of the form control
  • Do not use structural elements like table cells to separate the label from the form control.
  • Explicitly associate the label with the form control
    • Set each form control with a unique id value
    • Use the <Label for="form_control_id_value" > to explicitly associated the label with the form control.
  • Avoid using images as labels for form controls, if they are used, be sure to use them within the <label> element and include the alt attribute
  • Place a text prompt in the text entry and selection controls
  • Use title attribute to increase functionality by giving additional supplemental information for the form control
  • Organize form controls into related groups. Use <fieldset> element to group form controls and the <legend> element to label the group
  • If needed use <tabindex> to establish the tab order of the entries
  • Use CSS to control the visual appearance of the form

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