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There is currently an issue with the ECE DreamSpark Webstore and access for FALL 2014 cannot be enabled at this time. We are working to resolve the issue but do not have an expected date for access to start.

The DreamSpark program offers annual memberships for educators to get their schools/institutions enrolled. The program has two primary goals:

  • Give access to Microsoft products and platforms: DreamSpark subscriptions give educators and students access to virtually every Microsoft product and technology, helping ensure they have the right technology choices for all current and future educational opportunities.
  • Deliver outstanding value: These subscriptions give outstanding value through inexpensive cost of membership, and convenient management of licenses on a per-user basis, removing the complexity of licenses across multiple environments.

As a member, we have the latest development tools, operating systems, server software, documentation, and technical references at our fingertips. In addition, our students have complete access to these tools on their personal computers and in our departments' labs.

Primary benefits of a DreamSpark Subscription:

  • A special license amendment that enables departments to load any number of copies of the products in this MSDN subscription on their lab machines for instructional and research use.
  • Students taking at least one course in the department may load the software on their personal machines for use in their coursework and personal projects.