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Am I eligible for this software?

The MSDNAA license stipulates that only students taking courses in the ECE Department (with an ECE prefix) may download MSDNAA software. Students who are electrical or computer engineering majors but are not currently enrolled in at least one ECE class are not eligible to download MSDNAA software. This includes students who are currently participating in Co-op and students who do not take summer courses. The students may, however, continue to use previously downloaded software.

To prevent students from gaining access to MSDNAA by simply registering for an ECE class and dropping it before they complete it (have to pay for it), we cannot enable accounts until Drop/Add Day (The last day to get a refund).

Departmental faculty are also now eligible to download MSDNAA software for *personal* computers.

Important Dates

Dates for activation and de-activation of accounts are now available as an announcement on ECE's DreamSpark webstore.

What is ELMS®?

ELMS (e-academy License Management System) is a software distribution web site that each Program Administrator can tailor to his/her department's needs. ELMS is offered as a free member benefit to MSDN Academic Alliance member departments worldwide, so no additional fees apply in order to use it.

This program makes it possible for the ECE Department to distribute MSDNAA software to its students with minimal effort and expense.