MacOS Shortcut Keys

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Key combinations in Apple OS X can be used in multiple ways, including affecting the startup process, within the Finder window, or to access Menu commands.

Windows keyboard vs Apple keyboard

Apple keyboards have minor key differences compared to Windows keyboards. On the bottom row, the first three keys on an Apple keyboard are "Control", "Option", and "Command". The "Option" is sometimes called the "Alt" key, and the "Command" key was originally known as the Apple key, and may occasionally be referred as such. An Apple keyboard also has an "Eject" key on the far upper-right for opening the CD/DVD tray.

A Windows keyboard has CTRL, Windows-key, and ALT as the first three keys, and does not have an eject key. If you are using a Windows keyboard with your Apple system, then see the following table to see how certain keys are re-mapped in OS X:

Windows OS X
Windows Key functions as Command Key
Alt Key functions as Option Key
F12 functions as Eject Key

During Startup

While in Finder Window

Accessing Menu Commands

Other Commands