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SOC Laptop Program

The Student Owned Computing Program is an experiment to discover the most effective ways to integrate technology into the classroom. The SOC Program is designed to enable students and faculty to explore the benefits inherently provided by a wireless Internet connection in the classroom. This also allows for students to work together on class projects, explore web resources, and use software in the classroom all via wireless connectivity. The ultimate goal of the program is to investigate how laptop computers and wireless connectivity can affect the classroom environment.

SOC Laptop Cart

Two carts of 30 laptops have been provided for usage in a small number of undergraduate courses. The laptop cart allows the a department to experiment with the design of a subset of classes which use laptops to enhance the in-class learning. Due to the fact that the cart is shared over a number of classes, they must all be in the same building. Total enrollment in the course must be small enough that there will be a demand for no more than 30 laptops. Software needs to be installed locally and verified by the department that proper liscenses have been obtained. The instructor is responsible for ensuring that all 30 laptops are present at check-in and at check-out.

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