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Large Format Printer

The department has a HP DesignJet 500 (42 inch) large format printer. The printer, BLUEWHALE, is housed outside of 415 EGRC. It is setup to only allow access from Windows machines (Mac users -- I believe we can configure you to print to it as well) and from our faculty. Graduate students will not have access, and will need to have their advisor print their posters.

We provide a sample template, created by Dr. Doug Barlage, for printing research posters. It includes a number of suggestions for best practices in the printing of these posters.

Printing to the printer is not as easy as it should be. You will likely find yourself not printing at the size or orientation that you might prefer. And subsequently, you may need to cancel jobs / reprint. Because of this, we have placed a PC near the printer. We'd ask that you print to the plotter ONLY while you're either logged into this computer, or via a laptop (standing next to it). Being present when you're printing will help us avoid paper/toner wastage.

Please don't change settings on the printer display menu. Or try to load new rolls of paper. If the printer needs paper, please email or knock on Brian Carty's door (414 EGRC).

If you require assistance with printing, Tiffany Williams in the Main Office can assist you. We'd ask that you ONLY ask her to print posters using the attached template.

Medium Format Printer

The department is investigating the purchase of a smaller poster printer. As a part of making that decision, Michael Steer has volunteered the use of his Epson Stylus Photo 1280.

We have purchased extra toners and 13.0" x 19.0" white glossy and nonglossy photo quality paper, and would like to hear your thoughts on whether you'd use such a printer for your research posters.

We've attached a poster template for the printer.

The printer will not be publicly available as a part of this test. Please submit any print requests to Dayle Kelley --