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  • Cache location
32-bit - C:\Windows\System32\CCM\Cache
64-bit - C:\Windows\SYSWOW64\CCM\Cache
  • Logs
list of logs
32-bit - C:\Windows\System32\CCM\Logs
64-bit - C:\Windows\SYSWOW64\CCM\Logs
  • Clear Cache manually
Control Panel > System and Security > Configuration Manager > Advanced Tab
  • Update machine policy manually
Control Panel > System and Security > Configuration Manager > Actions Tab
Run "Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle"
  • Config file
Deleting this file and letting computer re-create it can sometimes resolve issues (must restart after deleting)
Last resort before uninstalling client?
  • Remove SCCM client
32-bit - C:\Windows\System32\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe /uninstall
64-bit - C:\Windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe /uninstall
  • Troubleshooting
Client content downloading troubleshooting guide (sorta helpful)

Silent Installs

  • Winzip Self-extractors: [filename].exe /auto <directory>
  • MikTex: [basic miktex installer].exe --shared --unattended
  • Texmaker: texmakerwin32_install.exe /S
  • Ghostscript: gs902w32.exe /S
  • COMSOL: setup.exe -s [setupfile].ini
    • Version 4.2: Must copy com.comsol.resources_1.0.0.jar (created during install of software) to /plugins directory of install media. Silent install fails without it. (Not necessary for v4.3)
  • Cadence: setup.exe !quiet=silentinstall.ini
    • Cadence hotfix: [hotfixfile].exe -s setup.iss
      • Use [hotfixfile].exe -r to create setup.iss response file
  • Quartus II: altera_installer_cmd.exe --source=./[downloads files dir] --target=C:\altera\[version] --install=quartus --exclude_quartus_64bit
    • MUST extract files from altera_installer.external.exe in order to get access to altera_installer_cmd.exe
    • Installation directory CANNOT have spaces
    • Remove "--exclude_quartus_64bit" for 64bit installs
  • Synopsys Saber: Saber_<version>_win.exe -f
    • updates can be run with -i silent, but you need to rename to something else if they're in the same dir
    • Installer appears to use an exit code of 1 for a success, but SCCM thinks this means a failure
  • Agilent ADS: ads2011_XX_rXXX_windows.exe -f
    • 2011.05 doesn't install licensing tools, so have to install them separately. Told it should be fixed in next release in Dec.
    • Fixed with 2011.10 release
  • OptiSystem: should be setup.exe /SILENT, but doesn't work. They've disabled the automated install.
    • Copy in edited hasplm.ini file to %programfiles%\common files\aladdin shared\hasp\ before installing.
  • Xilinx 13.x and 14.x: Batch install requires you to agree to two EULAs, the second one being massive. An alternative is to copy the installed files to another machine and run a batch file to add in shortcuts. I've used 7-zip to compress and archive the installed files (from 13GB to ~4)
    • 7z.exe x [Xilinx archive] -o%SYSTEMDRIVE%
    • Then run shortcutsSetup.bat in the bin folder
  • CST Suite: msiexec /qb /i "CST Studio Suite 20xx.msi" ADDLOCAL=CST_STUDIO_SERIES_Files,Examples
    • x64 also requires: <CST 20xx DVD Image>\Bin\vcredist_x64.exe /Q
    • To autoupdate: %programfiles%\Auto_Update_Control.exe updatefromdir:"<path to update file>"
  • CCS 5: [ccs setup].exe /response-file [path to file]
    • /test (fake install, does not copy any files)
    • /save-response-file [path to file]
  • Ansoft apps: setup.exe -s setup.iss
    • setup.exe -r to create response file.
    • Webupdate is currently broken, so have to manually apply updates. Updates require separate setup.iss files, but possible to re-use across multiple updates
  • PLECS: [plecs blockset installer].exe /extract ./ to extract MSI file, then msiexec /qb /i [plecs blockset].msi ALLUSERS=1 INSTALLDIR="%programfiles%\Plexim\Plecs Blockset <version> (<arch>)\"
    • Doesn't seem to be possible to silently install exe to program files. Might work when run as SYSTEM?
  • PSCAD: can create response file for silent install, but always get prompt to input license server midway through
    • Also get prompts from Sentinel usbdriver install. Can avoid it by running the Sentinel installer beforehand though.
  • TracePro: [tracepro installer].exe /s /v"/qn", for a completely silent install. use /qb for progress bar
    • If using a MST file, need to use /v"/qn TRANSFORMS=[filename].mst"
    • License info is per-user. Currently using a cmd script that is copied to Startup folder to copy in INI file to User's Appdata folder to setup licensing.

AutoIT bits

  • Setting SYSTEM env variable

$result = RegWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment", "SYSTEM_TEST_VAR", "REG_SZ", "Test")
If $result = 1 Then



MIF Files

Advertisements and Task Sequences

  • TS: Install Multiple Applications option
    • Define Task Sequence Variables for each application to install
    • Variable names must be in format XXX001, XXX002, XXX003 etc, where XXX is the base name (no known restriction on base name)
    • Define variables first, then add "Install Software" step, choose option to install multiple applications, and input the base name of the TSVs
    • Unconfirmed: Only works if TS advertisement is set to access content directly from the DP
  • TS: Using multiple "Install Software" steps to install multiple applications in one TS
    • Appears to mis-report required disk space if installing multiple programs from the same package