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Engineering Online Studio

The Engineering Online Studio in 2090 EB2 will serve as a Centennial Campus facility for 2+2 remote advising and the creation of Mediasite lectures for Distance Education degrees. The studio provides all the tools necessary for presenters and lecturers to easily develop presentations for distance education and other online resources. A Polycom camera and microphone set provide high quality video and audio, while an interactive pen display and document camera allow the presenter to easily control course slides, write notes, or present documents and images.

This new technology and environment allows for an improved distance education experience -- watching a presentation using the Mediasite Player is virtually the same as being in the room with the presenter. Keeping pace with the presentation is easy because video, audio and visual aides are synchronized in real time as the presenter speaks.

Reservations and Lab Schedule

2090 EB2 Schedule

The studio must be reserved ahead of time. To schedule this lab, please use the link above to check for available times and send your reservation request to eb2-studio@ncsu.edu.


Number of Computers:


Operating System:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional


Dell Dimension 9150


Pentium D 3.2 GHz


2048 MB


Adobe Acrobat Professional
Mathworks Matlab
Microsoft Office
Starnet X-win32
Sun Java JRE
WinSCP SFTP client

Additional Equipment:

ELMO P10 document camera
Polycom HDX9000 telepresence unit
SMART Podium ID250 interactive display


Coming soon.