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Printing to BLUEWHALE

Location and Access

BLUEWHALE is located in the Monteith Engineering Research Center (MRC), just outside room 415. Currently the printer is restricted to faculty and staff. If you need access or assistance with printing, or if the printer is out of paper or ink, email us at

Located near BLUEWHALE is a computer station that you may use to print to the printer. We encourage users to use this station when printing so that you can view your document as it prints and cancel it should there be any errors, saving paper and ink.

  • Open the Print screen. Choose bluewhale as your printer, and click on Properties.
  • Click on "Custom paper size" and set it to 36x48.
  • If this is a landscape poster, change Orientation to Landscape and check the "rotate by 90 degrees" box (orientation option should be under the "finishing" tab)
  • Click OK to go back to the Print screen.
  • Check the "Scale to fit paper" box.
  • Then just click Print.

If you're trying to print a PDF instead, try this instead. It's slightly different.