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Instructions to Scan-to-SMB from a Bizhub C353 to Windows share (in this case, my celerra server). Much swearing and cursing was required to come by this procedure.

  1. Create an AD user in your OU. For example, I created "ece-wolfcopy-scan" in ECE/Departmental Users/Service Accounts.
  2. Create a Windows share. Make sure the account above can write to it. (with Windows shares, I recommend that you set the "share" permissions to "Everyone / Full" and then use the NTFS permissions to control access to the folder). For paranoia, I'd also recommend that you prevent this account from logging into computers (in the account properties).
  3. On the C353 we need to make sure that it's configured correctly (I'm presuming that you've already setup the bizhub to get its IP via DHCP):
    • Click the "Utility/Counter" button.
    • Administrator Settings (login)
    • Network Settings > SMB Settings > Client Settings > SMB > v1/v2
    • Network Settings > SMB Settings > Client Settings > User Authentication (NTLM) > ON
    • Network Settings > SMB Settings > Wins settings > OFF
    • Network Settings > SMB Settings > Direct Host Setting > OFF
    • Network Settings > SMB Settings > Print Settings > ON (netbios = name of printer / servicename = C353 / workgroup = WORKGROUP)
  4. Not certain it makes a difference, but I'd turn off all unused services:
    • Network Settings > Netware > IPX: OFF / Netware Print: OFF / User Authentication Settings (NDS): OFF
    • Network Settings > AppleTalk > OFF
    • Network Settings > Bonjour > OFF
    • Network Settings > WebDav > OFF
  5. On the C353, we now need to add a "OneTouch" option to the address book.
    • Click the "Utility/Counter" button.
    • OneTouch/User Box Registration
    • Create One Touch Destination
    • Address Book
    • PC (SMB)
    • New
    • Fill in the information, click OK.
  6. Things to note in step 5g...
    • userid needs to be entered as
    • use the full name of the server for host -- ie, (no need for the \\)
    • use the sharename for file path -- ie, it_blarg or it_blarg$ if its a hidden folder.
    • be VERY careful when entering your password. If these instructions fail, the problem is likely the password -- clear it and try again. I had to do this 4 times before it worked -- the touch panel sucks and puts the wrong characters (not that you can see as you type it in).

Repeat for additional locations. Happy scanning.