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The following are a list of sources of news stories that we have contacted regarding the ability to repost their articles on the ECE news site and the requirements/restrictions for each.

  • Technician
  • Alumni Magazine
  • Focus (NCSU Libraries)
From: Terry Crow [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 2:35 PM
To: Richard Hodson
Subject: Re: Permission for Focus Article Republication
Could you tell me which article(s) you plan to reproduce? We usually are pretty accommodating about this, but would like to know.
Your attribution sounds fine.
Terry Crow (Ms.)
On Oct 31, 2007, at 2:30 PM, Richard Hodson wrote:

Mr. Crow,
  Hello, my name is Richard Hodson, I work with the ECE Department at NC State.  I was wondering if it would be possible for us to reproduce one of your articles from the Vol. 28, No. 1 2007 NCSU Libraries Focus magazine on our websites.  If you would be willing to permit this, would you please tell us what crediting we should include in the reproduced articles.  We generally provide author credit, source credit, and a link back to the original article, but can tailor it to your requirements. 
  • Results
Dear Margaret,
You may have my permission to re-use any photos in Results taken by Roger Winstead. All other photos will have accompanying credits. Please do not use those without specifically checking.
In order to get the hi-res images of any photos taken by Roger, please e-mail him directly at 
Glad you're re-using the stories!


Dear Dan,

That's fine, but I would still like to know when you reprint them. I keep track of reprinted stories for Dr. Gilligan. We're happy to have you use them as long as you give credit like CSC does and don't re-edit them without permission.

When you just need the photos, you can get the high-resolution files from RESULTS doesn't own them. The University does.



We do not grant blanket reproduction requests for an unspecified period of time.

You may use our articles on your site with the appropriate attribution, link and approval on a story-by-story basis. Please contact me with a specific story request each time you wish to repurpose one of our articles.

After you receive approval to repurpose a story, I will also need a link to it in order to review the presentation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. If this relationship becomes mutually beneficial, I may consider more lenient repurposing terms.

Thank you,
Mick Kulikowski:

office:(919) 515-8387
mobile:(919) 218-5937

He's the guy for all of Engineering and CALS over there.

Credit NC State Web Communications.
  • News & Observer
To put on a website -- $25 per article. 
You can, without permission, link to their article... (so the whole blah blah, read the article here approach). 
  • APDigital - Permissions (though i think this is from the author's publisher specifically)
Thank you for your  inquiry. 
For us to make the eprints, you can have custom reprints created with all photos from the article, your logo, the AP logo etc. All the work is done for you. Many companies go with this version because it is the more professional look. These options begin around $2200.00. If you are interested in this option I can send you a more detailed quote. 
For you to post the text only, after making your payment, you will receive permission to use the text only, no photos, no logos and you will have to acquire and format the text yourself. 
Would you like a quote to have us make the eprints? Or a quote for you to post the text?
To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence.
Best regards,
Antoinette High
Permissions Coordinator