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Removing Boot Password

  • Stop-A
  • type 'login'
  • Enter paswd (if successful, the prompt will change from ">" to ok.
  • type: printenv (in the list, you should see values that contain: security-mode)
  • hit q or space to the end, then type: setenv security-mode none
  • then type: reset-all
  • now after that press stop + a keys. it should just go straight to an openboot ok prompt. but don't press stop + a until the screen comes on and gets all white. I usually pressed stop +a after it finished checking its memory.
  • there is also a setenv security-password whatever option but I figure you won't want any password.

Boot from CDROM

after you have a box that goes straight to the ok prompt you can type: 'boot cd' or 'boot cdrom' and it should boot.

GUI Setup

After installing Solaris 11 Express from the CD, you'll login to a text prompt. Your installed system does not include all of the software packages that are included in a live CD installation. In particular, the installed system does not include the GNOME desktop. If you want your system to contain all of the software packages that are included in a live CD installation, including theGNOME desktop, use the following procedure to add the necessary additional packages to your installed system.

Note – To perform the following procedure, your system must have network access, so that you can download software packages from an IPS networked repository.

Assume the root role or become the root user.
$ su -

Create a new boot environment (BE) to install the additional packages.
# beadm create wolftech

Note – By creating a new BE and installing the additional packages there, you retain your
originally installed system and can revert back to it, if necessary.

Mount the newly created BE on the temporary mount point, /tmp/a.
# beadm mount wolftech /tmp/a

Add the slim_install software package to the new BE.
# pkg -R /tmp/a install slim_install

The slim_install package is a large group of packages that includes specific packages for the
GNOME desktop.

Remove the software package.
# pkg -R /tmp/a uninstall slim_install

Note – The slim_install package is a group package. Removing the slim_install group container enables you to individually manage all of the packages that were installed as part of that group.

Update the boot archive on the new BE.
# bootadm boot-archive -R /tmp/a

Unmount the newly created BE.
# beadm unmount wolftech

Activate the new BE.
# beadm activate wolftech

Reboot the system.
# reboot