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Instructions on the proper use of floppies and CDs on a Linux machine.

  • 1. Insert floppy disk or CD into appropriate drive.
  • 2. From the User Menu (K -> Utilities -> User Menu), enter "1" for the "Device Mount/Unmount Menu". *3. Select the appropriate option.
  • 4. After you are done using the mounted drive, you MUST UNMOUNT the drive for others to be able to use the drive. Note: if you leave the User Menu window open until you are done with the disk and have "Unmounted" the drive, it will serve as a reminder for you to unmount it.
    • Linux treats the disk drives in the server as directories named /floppy/ and /cdrom/. The /floppy/ directory is the same as the A: drive in Windows. The /cdrom/ directory is the same as D: in Windows. You can use the /floppy. or the /cdrom/ directories just like any other directories on the system. You can copy, read, delete (floppy only), rename and edit files just like they were in your home directory.
    • Once the drive is mounted anyone who is logged onto this server can read the files on the disk. **Only the person who mounted the floppy drive can write to the floppy disk.
    • The user who mounted the disk must unmount the drive before anyone else can mount and use another disk.
    • If the user leaves the office without first unmounting the drive, then only a user with root access (helpdesk) can make it so that another user can use the drive.