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Tutorial which presents ways of incorporating graphical images into your StarOffice documents.

1. From an open text document in StarOffice select Insert -> Graphics -> From File or use the Insert Graphic icon.

  • Browse to /opt/clipart/pdclips to access the public domain clipart collection.
  • To preview the images from within StarOffice select the Preview checkbox in the Insert Graphics dialog box.
  • Select the graphic that you would like to use and click [Open].

2. To adjust the location of the image on the page, click on the graphic to select it. The selected graphic will be bordered by green image anchors.

  • To view more of the page layout while working with graphics, select View -> Zoom and select Entire Page or one of the other options.
  • The Graphic toolbar displays under the Main toolbar when an image is selected. This toolbar offers buttons for wrapping text, aligning the graphic, and other options.
  • To resize the graphic, drag any of the green image anchors with your mouse pointer. The mouse pointer will have two arrows with it is in resize mode. Hold down the key while dragging to keep the image proportions intact.
  • To move the graphic, point to the image somewhere other than the anchors and drag it with your mouse. The mouse pointer will have four arrows with it is in drag mode.

3. You can select these and additional options by right-clicking on the selected graphic to access the context menu.

4. To access a number of graphics editing tools, double-click the image to open the Graphics dialog box.

  • To crop the graphic, select the Crop tab from the Graphics dialog box. Decrease the numbers in the Crop section of the window to crop the image.
  • To resize the image, increase or decrease the numbers in the Size and Scale sections of the Crop tab.
  • To place a border around the graphic, click on the Borders tab and select the desired options.

About the Public Domain Clipart Collection You can use your web browser to browse through the Public Domain Clipart Collection at any time or print the catalog pages. The file to open in the browser is stored in /opt/clipart/pdclips/index.html on the linux systems. Please note that this link accesses the clipart stored directly on the linux system. The collection on the linux systems was built from the Texas A&M University System Department of Agricultural Communications Clip Art Collection, with their permission. You may visit that site directly at Most images on this site are stored in both .pcx and .gif formats. By: Janyne Kizer / North Carolina State University The use of brand names in this publication does not imply endorsement of the products or services named or the criticism of similar ones not m