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The Mozilla internet browser also includes several time saving and useful shortcuts. To see a complete list visit's Mozilla Keyboard Shortcuts at Some of the shortcuts we like best are:

General Shortcuts

  • CTRL+C to copy
  • CTRL+V to paste (These now work in Linux: you no longer have to remember ALT+C and ALT+V for copy and paste!)
  • CTRL+X to cut
  • CTRL+F to find text on a page

Page Viewing Shortcuts

  • CTRL+<+> That's a plus sign--increases font size (zoom)
  • CTRL+<-> That's a minus sign--decreases font size (unzoom)
  • CTRL+<0> That's a zero--returns to normal size (no zoom)

Browsing Shortcuts

Mail Shortcuts

  • CTRL+M to compose a new message
  • ALT+S to a send message now