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Wireless connectivity is becoming more prevalent on the NC State data network. Wireless is a tool that has significant importance on campus and a technology that allows the extension of the classroom and access to computing resources beyond the physical confines of one room or building. Detailed information about wireless networking at NC State can be found at ComTech's Campus Wireless Web site.

With the growing nomadic computing network on campus there are a host of locations where users can either plug their laptops into public Ethernet data outlets or use the growing number of wireless access points located throughout campus.

If you find it useful to use a computer at the library ( or in other public places ( around campus, a laptop can be a real asset.

Notes: You will need a compatible wireless Ethernet adapter (IEEE 802.11b) to be able to use the campus wireless network.

If you will be using ResNet service with a laptop or wish to use the public data outlets your computer must be "Ethernet-ready". See the "Support" section of the ResNet site for more information on Ethernet cards.