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A signature file is a block of text that is appended to every e-mail message that you send. It should be a plain text file so that everyone can read it without requiring special software on their system.

For messages where you are representing the university, it should follow the NCSU CALS policy

To create a signature file in Microsoft Windows:

  • 1. Open Notepad (usually under the Accessories menu) If you already have a signature file being used, open that file in Notepad by using File, Open (see step 4 to see what file is being used). Otherwise start from a blank document.
  • 2. Enter the information you want to be appended to every e-mail message
  • 3. Save this file (recommendation: C:My Documentsemail_signature.txt)
  • 4. Let your e-mail application know where to find it
    • 1. For Mozilla Mail From the Mozilla Mail window select "Edit, Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings"
    • 2. Select the mail account in the panel to the left.
    • 3. Check the box "Attach this signature" and either enter the filename of the signature file or use the "Choose" feature to select it.
    • 4. Select "OK"
  • 5. Compose a new message to verify that the signature file is at the bottom of the message.

John Dorner, IV, Area Specialized Agent, Information Management