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Step-by-step instructions to help set up and use Netscape Email.

Setting up Netscape Messenger Setting General Mail Server Properties To set general mail server properties:

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences. Open the Mail & Newsgroups category, and then select Mail Servers.
  2. Click Add to display the Mail Server Properties dialog box.
  3. At Server Name, type the name of the mail server. (Ex.
  4. At Server Type, click the drop-down list and select either IMAP.
  5. At User Name, type the name that identifies you to this server (usually one word). (ex: jsmith)
  6. Check Remember password" if you don't want to re-enter your password each time you start Messenger. You will be prompted for your password initially.
  7. Select the box at "Check for new mail every ___" and then specify the number of minutes between mail checks. If you do not select this box, new mail will not appear until you click Get msg or the Inbox icon on the component bar.
  8. . Click OK. Note: You can have multiple IMAP servers or one POP3 server, but not both. Setting IMAP

Mail Server Properties

To set properties for an IMAP server:

  1. Open the Mail Server Properties Panel and click the IMAP tab.
  2. Check "Mark new folders for offline download" if you want each new folder you create to be automatically selected for downloading.
  3. Check "Use secure connection (SSL)" if your IMAP server is configured to send and receive encrypted mail. If you are unsure, contact the mail server administrator at your site.
  4. Choose a method for deleting messages:
  • Move deleted messages to the Trash folder. (Recommended)
  • Tag deleted messages and remove them only when you compact a folder.
  • Remove deleted messages immediately.
  1. Check "Cleanup (Expunge) Inbox on exit" to remove deleted messages from the Inbox when you exit Communicator. Select this if you choose to tag messages.
  2. Check "Empty Trash on exit" to empty the Trash folder whenever you exit Communicator.
  3. Click OK. How to check my Email Quota Click here to download a program to check your quota. . Viewing and Opening Attachments/Saving Attachments To view image and web page attachments inline (displayed in the body of the message):
  • While displaying a message with links, open the View menu and choose View Attachments Inline. (This menu item toggles with View Attachments As Links.) To view image and web page attachments as links: * While displaying a message with attachments inline, open the View menu and choose View Attachments As Links. Note: If