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Running a network scanner is a major no-no on our campus. Occassionally, a legitimate reason will arise, but should it, you will need to work with me or risk suspension or removal of your EOS account. We (myself and the university) do notice when people run scans without our approval. Below is the official University policy on scanning.


Campus Policy Regarding Running Network-Based Security Software

1. Campus computing and network administrators have the authority and responsibility to run programs or take other actions for support and security of the campus environment. Advanced notification to appropriate unit administration and support personnel is required for all actions which might reasonably be expected to pose a risk to production work. Prompt notification is required of mistakes or unexpected results which negatively impact production work.

2. College and departmental administrators should restrict actions to their domain of responsibility except by mutual agreement with other affected domain peers.

3. Students are not allowed to run network based security analysis programs such as Satan and doing so will subject them to disciplinary action.

4. These programs are a fact of life and NCState.Net will test and investigate such programs as necessary to identify risks and corrective and/or protective measures. As stated above, NCState.Net will provide advanced notification to appropriate unit and support personnel when there are reasonable expectations that risks to production work may be involved.