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I am trying to analyze a piece of VHDL RTL that I had successfully compiled with the V-2003.12 version of Design Compiler. On installing the V-2004.06-SP2 version for the sparc64 platform, I get the following error message: dc_shell-t> analyze -lib work -format vhdl my_code.vhd ************ 64bit Not Implemented. analyzing VHDL files 0 dc_shell-t> Why am I getting this message?


The original VHDL Compiler is supported only on 32-bit platforms--64-bit platforms are not supported. Instead, use HDL Compiler (Presto VHDL). Beginning with the V-2004.06 release, Presto VHDL is supported on the following platinum platforms:

- sparc32  - sparc64  - hp32  - hp64  - linux 32 with Red Hat 7.2 - 
AIX-32 The 64-bit Opteron, IPF, and AIX

(secondary) platforms are not supported in version V-2004.06 of Presto VHDL. But in the V-2004.06-SP2 release, these platforms are supported as well.

To enable Presto VHDL, set the following variable before you read in VHDL designs: dc_shell-t> set hdlin_enable_presto_for_vhdl true You can modify your .synopsys_dc.setup file to automatically enable Presto when invoking dc_shell.

For more information, see SolvNet article 901600, "Reading VHDL Designs on 64-bit Platforms." (original article: