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Sometimes you may have multiple printers installed on your computer so that you may print to different locations. However, only one printer can be designated as your main or default printer and this is the printer that your documents will be sent to unless otherwise specified.

Here is how to set the printer you wants as your default printer:

1. Click on the Start button, then Settings, and finally Printers.

2. You will see the printers that are installed on your system and one will have a small checkmark icon appearing on the picture. The one with the checkmark is currently your default printer.

3. If this is the printer you wish to keep as your default printer simply close the window and continue on as normal.

4. If you wish to change your default to another printer simply right click on the one you wish to change it and check the Set as Default Printer option.

5. Then simply close the window and you are finished.

      • Jason Doss***