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When submitting a new article through live writer to ECE, there are a variety of special functions that can be introduced on a code-level to the article that will effect how it is displayed on the ECE site but will still allow it to display normally on any other site.

Listing View Functions

These functions concern the article listing display on the home page and on the news & events page

  • Thumbnail Display Preference - By default, a thumbnail is generated from the last image in the story (if there are any images, otherwise a default thumbnail is used). To manually choose which image is thumbnailed for the article, give that image a class name of thumbnail_pref.
  • Featured Story Badge - To mark a story as Featured with the Featured Badge, simply insert an empty span into the article with a classname of featured_article.
  • Excluding Text from the Snippet Description - Under each article title in the listing there is a brief snippet of text extracted from the beginning of the article to give the reader an idea of what the article is about. To make it so text from the article is not displayed in this snippet, encapsulate it in a span with classname no_show.

Article View Functions

These functions concern the individual article display