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ECE's YouTube site is located at

Adding videos and images to work with

In the Project pane (generally the top left), right-click and select "Import...". Choose the file(s) you'd like to work with. In the right part of the bar at the bottom of the window, you will see the file's import progress.

Beginning to edit

Right-click in the Project pane and select New Item > Sequence...

From the sequence presets, select HDV > HDV1080p24

Double-click on it to make the Sequence pane open it. This is basically the timeline of the final product movie.

There are several Video and Audio rows. If the eye/speaker is on on the row, it means that row is activated and will be represented in the final movie. Any activated audio rows will play at the same time and video rows will overlay one another based on their order (Video 3 will be on top of Video 2, and so on).

Benefits of these rows: If you want to temporarily remove something, you can put it on a row that's not activated to get it out of the final video. Having one of the higher videos fade out creates the effect of one video fading into another.

Adding Videos

Exporting the final product

File > Export > Media...

Format: MPEG2 Preset: HDTV 1080p 24 High Quality

Select "Queue" to queue the project up in the encoder to process in the background, or select "Export" to do one at a time. (Queue is preferred)