Using Nomad Wireless in WinXP

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Configuring your machine and Connecting to NOMAD

  • Go to Start -> Control Panel, (or Start -> Settings -> Control Panel if using classic Start Menu).
  • Within Control Panel, open “Network Connections”.
  • Right-click on your wireless connection and click on Properties. Then click on the tab labeled Wireless Networks.
  • See Fig. 1. Make sure “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings” is checked. Also make sure “ncsu” appears under “Preferred Networks”, and hit the View Wireless Networks button.
  • See Fig. 2. Make sure “Connected *” appears for “ncsu”. If not, highlight “ncsu” and click the Connect button.
Figure 1 - Wireless Networks tab
Figure 2 - Available Wireless Networks

Authenticating to NOMAD

  • When connected, open your preferred web browser and navigate to (Your browser may open this page by default).
  • Login to NOMAD with your unity/eos ID and password, or if you are using a temporary account, with the ID and password that was supplied to you.
    • If you wish to be automatically logged into NOMAD wireless, then you will need to follow the directions for Nomad Registration.
  • Congratulations! You now have wireless access through NCSU NOMAD!

For immediate help with NOMAD, please call Wolftech at 515-0124, or find us at room 3220 EB2