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NC State University's Information Technology Division (ITD) uses a mail filtering agent called Pure Message to identify and tag spam. However, Pure Message will not automatically quarantine or delete messages that it identifies as spam.

The mail recipient must set up a mail filter based on the Pure Message header tags in order to separate out the spam messages from the non-spam messages. Typically such mail filters are set up on the mail servers so that the server is doing the work instead of your mail client. This is done via a mechanism called "sieve". Sieve can be very complex and confusing, so this tool is being provided to help set up a default Spam rule that will place any mail identified by Pure Message as spam in a folder called SPAM.

I recommend that everyone take a moment to run this tool. Should you already have a SPAM filter in place, nothing will be changed and you will be told that you already have active filters. No harm, no foul. HOWEVER, for those of you without filters will have them automatically created for you.

These automated filters will place all of your spam into a folder called "SPAM". Be warned that this folder will need to be emptied occasionally as email in it will count against your total email quota. If you wish to have the server delete all email messages marked as spam -- rather than redirecting it to this folder -- you can adjust your filters by clicking on "Server-Side Filters" within Webmail (