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Today, more than ever, people find themselves at risk for infection. I am not talking about a runny nose and stomach ache, I am refering to a computer virus. Once this happens, a computer virus can do anything from e-mailing itself to all of your friends to deleting files essential to your computer's operation. The best way to keep yourself from contracting a virus is through antivirus software.

All Windows computers managed by Wolftech have Symantec AntiVirus automatically installed. The virus definition files are updated on a daily basis for all campus owned computers. They are centrally maintained by the Wolftech Virus Server.

How do I get it?

Any currently employed faculty, staff, or registered student is allowed to install the version of Symantec purchased and offered by NC State. It is your responsibility to protect yourself against the threat of harmful computer programs. Therefore, please make sure all personal and home machines have AntiVirus software. However, virus definitions also need to be updated quite often (automatic daily updates is always a good option).

To obtain your copy of the Symantec AntiVirus software, you must go to the University's AntiVirus page. Once there, locate your operating system version on the left hand side of the screen and click on it. Note that while Windows viruses are common, Macintosh users are not immune and still need protection.