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Welcome to WolfTech Computing Services


Welcome to the one-stop computing resource site for Electrical and Computer Engineering, and all other users of WolfTech computer support. With the www.wolftech.ncsu.edu site, you only have to remember one address to find anything and everything about using your computer at NC State.

Our departments have more than their share of gremlins. Wolftech's job is to keep them under control. Let us help you with your troubleshooting needs. Our staff and experience are at your disposal.

Today almost everything relys on automated computers, from traffic lights to elevators. However, for such systems to be efficient, the computers need to be in working order. Computers are not perfect machines and are prone to failure and attack. Often times, when one computer goes down, it can create a domino effect, affecting many other computers on the network.

The best thing about computers, though, is that they are usually predictable. Computers are designed to behave the same way under the same set of circumstances, regardless of time or location. This allows for problems to be diagnosed by trained professionals. This is where the Wolftech staff comes in to play. We here are trained to handle the problems you may come across.

Before getting started, be sure you have read the Acceptable Use Guidelines.

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