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There are plenty of reasons to need to create a survey. Here at NC State, we have various options for you to do so. We once supported our own survey tool -- WolfTech SurveyServer. As of December 2011, it's no longer available. We now recommend the usage of Google Forms for really basic, simple surveys or the Qualtrics software for the rest.

Google Forms

Forms are a useful tool to help you plan events, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way. A Google form is automatically connected to a spreadsheet with the same title. When you send a form to recipients, their responses will automatically be collected in that spreadsheet.


Qualtrics is an online survey software tool made available free of charge by NC State University Planning and Analysis (UPA) to all faculty, staff and students of NC State University. Qualtrics is widely used by research universities, government agencies, and private companies and provides an easy to use point-and-click interface where users can create and distribute surveys, collect responses, and analyze the results all in one place.

Note: After requesting an account, it can take a couple days for the UPA to complete your registration (they send you a server to complete -- so they know who's using the service) after which you can start sending out surveys.

CALS Survey Builder

A simple, easy to use tool for creating, publishing, and managing online surveys and tests created by the folks at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. http://harvest.cals.ncsu.edu/surveybuilder

Other Options

There are plenty of other survey tools available on the internet. While we don't endorse any of them, here's a sample list if you'd like to look at alternatives.