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Having computer trouble or just have a question you'd like to talk to someone face to face about? Feel free to stop by and ask us. We have several offices. Pick one convenient for you and stop by anytime during our office hours.

Our hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, though you will occasionally find us before and after.
The Director's office is located in 1426 Flex should you need to speak directly with him.

PC Support

For computer support on Main Campus stop by our office in 231 Daniels. Daniels Hall is located on the corner of Lampe Dr. and Stinson Dr. on North Campus.
Daniels hall.jpg
If you are located on Centennial Campus and would like to talk to someone stop by our office in 414 EGRC. The EGRC building is located on Campus Shore Dr. on Centennial campus. This office serves all of Centennial Campus. Egrc hall.jpg

Web Support

The Web Team's offices are in the Flex Building, located in between Main campus and Centennial campus, off of Avent Ferry Road. The Webmaster's office is located in 1410 Flex should you need to speak directly with her. Flex hall.jpg

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