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|valign="top" align="center"|'''PayDay'''
|valign="top" align="center"|'''Revolving Door'''
|valign="top" align="center"|'''Revolving Door'''

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The WolfTech WebTeam is a highly prolific producer of web applications and tools. Presented below are a sample of the tools created over the last few years, those with the largest impact upon the ECE department, the College of Engineering, and North Carolina State University.

Web Applications

Alumni Provides the ECE Alumni with a source to make connections, keep up with departmental events, and learn more about how you can invest your time and interest back into the Department. This site strives to serve the our community well beyond the years spent in pursuit of a degree. As vital members of the electrical and computer engineering community, activated alumni accounts are entitled to the following exclusive services:
  • Alumni Directory - Locate your classmates or find an alumni contact in your area or within your industry through our searchable online directory.
  • Career Center – A centralized location for alumni to post their resumes or job openings for other alumni to view.
  • Paw Prints Personal Profile Editor - Change your contact information in the University's donor records and manage your directory privacy settings
  • Wolf's Howl Personal Announcements – Share your promotions, marriages, and other news with others in the ECE Alumni Community.
ClockWise The Clockwise program is a web-based schedule creation utility for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Users of Clockwise can easily create schedules tailored to their needs. Employees and workstations can be easily added and removed from schedules, operating hours can be modified, and schedules are rendered in PDF form, for easy viewing and printing.
Course Evaluations Each semester students evaluate the quality of their courses through a standardized course rating system. Faculty may view how their course scored by course/section number or semester.
CourseMax The department maintains an expanded listing of available courses in order to provide for individual descriptions of special topics courses and to allow instructors to update course descriptions live. This tool allows the current course instructor to edi
Faculty and staff are directly responsible for updating their information in our departmental directory. Dossier allows faculty and staff to update their directory listing and departmental homepage.
Employee Lookup This tool will allow anyone with a valid NC State login ID to look up information on a faculty/staff member, such as Unity ID, work phone number, work address, and their preferred department affiliation. The Employee Lookup tool should allow for quick and easy access to employee information that may otherwise take hours to obtain and works for every faculty/staff member in the university.

This tool arose out of a need for administrative staff to be able to determine who a particular unityID belonged to -- most do not have an LDAP browser installed on their machines (nor a desire to learn how to use it if they did), nor know how to ssh into a Unix box to run "hes", nor access to the UserLookup tools provided for IT Admins. So in the end, most asked their local systems administrator. We needed a simple web interface to deliver the answers they needed without coming to us. We've avoided privacy flag issues by restricting the lookup to employee's only.

E-Reserve Reserve projectors and other departmental equipment.
Grant Report Generator
Add, modify and delete user permissions for access-limited portions of the website [[Image:Guarddog.jpg]‎]
LDAP Surfer
Subscribe and unsubscribe yourself to departmental mailing lists
Revolving Door Revolving Door allows NC State employees to get information they need quickly and effectively. Powered by LDAPSurfer -- the WolfTech tool for automatically sorting and categorizing all university employees and students -- Revolving Door sends a daily e-mail showing any and all changes in membership amongst groups you choose to monitor.
Online submission system for news, announcements, seminars, and events.
Tracster Tracster is an online course registration planner for use by all Undergraduate and Graduate students. Those of you familiar with the XTracs application available on Linux/Solaris will immediately recognize this system. We had received a request a while back for a web-based alternative for this system — Tracster is the result. Tracster uses the same sources of information that XTracs does, and simply offers a web-based alternative to this much used application. All course information is updated daily. As with XTracs, a student can find, select, and arrange courses using a visible schedule, which can be printed out or saved by the student, then used as a reference when officially scheduling their classes.