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If you have been around NC State at all in the past three years, you are sure to know what WolfWare is by now. Developed and built by the Department of Computer Science, COE Information Technology and Engineering Computer Services, and PAMS, this handy tool allows for teachers and students to get the most out of their classes.

What WolfWare offers is a web-based environment used to manage and simplify the delivery of course material to students from teachers. The entire system is based on making the most efficient system with as little technical knowledge required as possible. This allows for the emphasis to be placed entirely upon the content of the course, with as few distractions as possible.

The common, everyday web browser is the interface by which both faculty and students will access and submit content. WolfWare looks to Registration and Records and automatically composes a standard template for each and every course. Administration of these facilities is then given to the instructors. Instructors are able to create and edit content with any web authoring tool. This is due to WolfWare being both browser and system independent.


An e-mail list of class roles is automatically generated from Registration and Records. Instructors can quickly and easily contact all the students in his or her class. Another feature of WolfWare is the ability to create a message board--giving students and faculty an arena to discuss class topics outside of the typical classroom environment. Teachers may also integrate homework submission and solutions into their website. In general, WolfWare alleviates students needs to hunt around the NC State website for some tidbit of information. WolfWare is a focal point for out of class interaction between students and instructors.

Requesting a WolfWare locker

To request a wolfware locker, simply fill out the online request form, located here: https://wolfware.ncsu.edu/wrap-bin/admintool. Only faculty requests for locker space may be granted. All faculty are expected to request their own lockers every semester. If teaching a Summer Session, faculty must indicate the duration of the class (ie. 6 week, vs. 10 week). Requests are received and processed at 7am and 3pm daily. Those granted locker space will receive a confirmation email, indicating the creation of the new locker.

Course Workspace

In addition to faculty locker space, instructors in the College of Engineering may request additional quota for their students when a course's file-storage requirements exceed what students have in their Unity file space. This augmented quota is provided free of charge in a separate "workspace" locker for each student in the course (user IDs supplied by Wofware rolls). It is not added to the student's individual account quota. For more information on course workspace locker requests, see the workspace request page.

For additional information and answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to Wolfware, please visit http://wolfware.ncsu.edu/help/. Any additional questions may be directed to the Wolfware helpdesk by sending an email to help@wolfware.ncsu.edu. Any questions pertaining to ECE Wolfware locker approval only, please contact the ece-webmaster.