Xerox Printing Guide for OS X

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Adding the Printer

DOLPHIN is available over the network via our domain print server. To add the copier/printer to your machine, please view the following page:

  • Adding printer to OS X
    • A driver for DOLPHIN is not pre-loaded in OS X. A compatible driver for 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 may be downloaded here
    • During installation of this driver, your machine will attempt to auto-locate and add DOLPHIN. Skip this step and add the printer via the directions on the page linked above.

Important Notes

  • We strongly encourage you to make use of DOLPHIN for print/copy jobs that exceed 35 total sheets.
  • "Sheets" refers to a full sheet of paper. So 35 sheets could be a 35 page document, or 5 copies of a 7 page document.
  • DOLPHIN is black and white only.
  • DOLPHIN will automatically create a cover page for your job which shows the date and time of the print out for easier identification.
  • DOLPHIN can automatically collate your documents and well as produce handout-style printouts for notes.
  • Also, please note that at this time, the following features cannot be accessed from OS X:
  • Stapling
  • Three-hole punch

Available Supplies

  • By default, DOLPHIN is loaded with standard 8.5 x 11 white paper.
  • For jobs requiring paper in different colors, styles or sizes, supplies must be manually loaded before running your job. Also, remaining supplies should be unloaded from the printer after your job is finished.

Printing a Document

To print a job, open the print dialogue (Command + P or File -> Print) and select DOLPHIN from your list of available printers. If you have not yet added the printer, see Adding the Printer above. Once you have selected the printer, there will be several different option sets available for you to change the style and output of your job. The images below will describe the options that are necessary for most common print jobs. All images below show the default options for these menus. If you have questions about the more advanced options, please contact WolfTech for assistance.

Images and options description coming soon.