WolfTech Grants

WolfTech Grants

NC State Grants Project Report Generator

What is it?

WolfTech Grants uses information provided by the Office of Research and Innovation at NC State to produce research project reports.

These project reports show PIs, sponsor, award amount, dates, and abstracts per project.

WolfTech Grants also allows users to edit and save abstracts on project reports. Users can view and extract the projects with either the original or edited abstracts at any time.

Reporting Options

WolfTech Grants allows users to search through research project data by:

  • Department
  • OUC Code
  • Principal Investigators (PIs)

Additionally, when searching by PI users can:

  • Filter by Year
  • Filter by Type (Awarded, Proposed, Denied, All)
  • Sort by Date, Title, or Sponsor
  • Group by Type

Can I use it?

Initially created to ease a requirement of the College of Engineering's Deans Office, WolfTech Grants is available for use by any NC State departmental faculty or staff user to assist in yearly Faculty Activity Reports.

Only NC State Faculty and Full-Time Staff (EHRA/SHRA) are permitted to use this application.

WolfTech Grants is protected through NC State Shibboleth authentication.