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  1. Create a deployment group.
    • It is good practice to use a Domain Local group.
    • The group should be located in the <DEPT>-Software OU under the Software Packages OU.
    • Group name should take the format: SW-<DEPT>-<VENDOR>-<TITLE>-<VERSION>-<DATE PUBLISHED>
    • Make the group a member of the <DEPT>-Software group.
  2. Create a group policy object.
    • Create the group policy object at the root of your departmental OU.
    • The name should be identical the the group in step 1.
    • Configure security filtering for the group created in step 1. Remove Authenticated Users.
    • Disable user configuration settings.
      • Right click on the GPO under your root OU and click Edit.
      • Right click on the GPO when the Group Policy windows opens and click Properties.
      • Check Disable User Configuration Settings.
  3. Edit group policy object.
    • Right click the group policy and choose Edit.
    • Navigate to Computer Settings\Software installation.
    • Right click Software installation and choose New > Package.
    • Browse to the location of the MSI, select it, and click Open.
    • Choose Advanced and click OK.
    • In the Deployment tab, check Uninstall this application when it falls out of scope of management.
    • If your application has an MST, in the Modifications tab, click Add, Choose your MST, and click Open.
  4. To assign the software to a computer, make the computer a member of the group in step 1.