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Getting complaints that you have multiple computers with the same GUID? Recently had work done on them?


We have run into this same problem. We use RIS to reimage our PCs. After much searching, I finally found the answer in a discussion group that is not on the Dell site. On the Dell systems, apparently part of the information taken in order to determine the guid for a particular system is the asset tag (service tag #). When you get a new system from Dell, this is set at the factory. However, when you get a motherboard replacement, this information is the same on every motherboard. The way you can change this is to download the Dell System Utilites vA14 for multiple OS/multiple systems, and get a utility off of that diskette called These particular utilities are dated 9/26/01, which is older than these systems, but this is what I was pointed to and they worked for me. You need a bootable diskette with the utility on it. Boot to that diskette, and run the command:

asset /s nnnnnn

where nnnnnn is the unique service tag number on your PC. This will resolve the duplicate guid problem.

I was unable to find this by searching for "duplicate guid" on the Dell support site, or by looking for downloads for my particular system. I was only able to locate the answer using google to search the Internet.

The link for this download is:

Some of the people at Dell techinical support will tell you that the technician that replaces your motherboard should run this (to give you a new motherboard in the same condition as the one you originally received from Dell), but the technicians have never heard of it and don't have the utility, at least at our location.